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I haven’t seen a dentist since I was 7 due to very high anxiety, I went in one day with my mother and got a cleaning, Dr, sumet and his team are the most gentle people. They have removed my wisdom teeth and did my cavities. I write this review as I sit in one of their colorful rooms waiting for a cleaning. I love them!!!

Rachel S.

Super Staff and Professional expertise!

Paul H.

Really caring team, professional and family oriented.

I had a long procedure done the whole time they kept asking (you ok?) Doctor gave me a 5 minute break so I could stretch and back to business. Couldn't believe before and after pictures. Winning team!

Eliazin T.

Great experience having a crown done yesterday. Dr Ben and his team members are very warm and welcoming and extremely efficient! Highly recommended!!!

Tricia I.

Staff is professional, friendly and punctual

Darcy S.

Did not know they had a payment plan until yesterday. Been putting off dental work because I do not have the finances upfront. Glad to finally get my tooth fixed.

Arline B.

It is always a pleasant experience visiting this dental office. You are treated like family and are greeted with big hello and questions about how you are doing. In other words, you're treated like a person, not a number. My only wish is that Michelle would use the water pic method to clean my teeth.

Nancy Y.

I am very happy with Today's Dental :)

Brenda B.

I was very pleased with my experience today. I came in with a broken filling and tooth and left with a temporary crown. The whole procedure lasted less than 1 1/2 hours. Jillian, the dental assistant was very efficient and pleasant. Dr. Ben worked quickly and methodically in a painless way to repair my tooth. I am very happy with my Today's Dental.

David K.


Anonymous Verified customer

Highly engaging professionals. Superior knowledge by Dr Ben.

Relaxing environment.

Pristine environment.

Very detailed in explaining procedures and results.

Always happy and smiling before - during - and after all procedures.

Couldn't be happier with the experiences ! ! ! I have recommended to many of my peers and also other medical professionals seeking expert treatment and referrals for their clients. -

- Paul H

Great experience. The staff are very friendly and efficient.

- Sharon Y

If you are looking for a dental practice that can work for the whole family, this is the one for you! (I have a 6 year old and an 11 year old)

Dr. Ben, Dr. Anna and their staff are incredible at relieving any anxiety, and ensuring that everyone is comfortable. They explain every procedure that needs to be done. They focus on preventive care - they are literally saving us hundreds (thousands?) of dollars in orthodontics by implementing an appliance for my son to help straighten his teeth. And it's working! No braces in the foreseeable future for him!

My kids love going to them, and as a parent, I know that they would never do anything to cause my children undue anxiety, including stopping one procedure so that they could make my children feel more comfortable at their Boxborough office (where the laughing gas is ;-) ) Bottom line - my experiences with both offices (Lunenburg and Boxborough) have been fantastic. Truly, I can't say enough about them!! - Karen Boucher

“First experience with Dr. Ben and the practice was a 3 hour re-do of an old root canal. I was very impressed with the careful work, and all the technology. Wonderful out come with minimal discomfort, and an evening call from the doc to see how I was doing. ”

Richard Mailloux

“Patient, kind care. A true artist, outstanding in his field, Dr Ben and staff. ”

Cyndee McCarthy

“Great professionals, very friendly staff. I have many years’ experience with Dr. Ben and Dr. Anna, I can trust only their expertise. If it is happen another dentists see my teeth they highly compliment dental work Dr. Ben did for me. It is great feeling to be confident in your dentist, his knowledge and excellent hands. My daughter by accident at age of 10 broke her permanent front upper tooth, Dr. Ben fix it, she is now 25 and nobody knows that that tooth half fake. ”

“Thank you very much Dr. Ben and Dr. Anna!!!”

Oksana F.

“I love them!!!"”

“I see Dr. Ben at this office, and he is wonderful. Having had an embarrassing history of bursting into tears at the dentist's office as a child... and as a teen... and as an adult, I was as nervous as can be during my first visit here--my first dentist visit in years. I was told I had several cavities and would need a root canal. When root canal time came, Dr. Ben patiently detailed the entire process with incredible gentleness. Still, I braced myself as the chair was leaned back. But throughout the whole root canal, I felt no pain! I was astounded! He even let me rest my jaw at various intervals, and kept me informed of her progress. I've met Dr. Anna, and she seemed very friendly and nice. With the number of (non-crying) kids that I've seen at this office, I can only assume that she, too, is as gentle as Dr. Ben. I never imagined I'd ever be a fan of a dentist, but here I am. I'll definitely be sticking with them.”

“Dr. Ben and his staff are very professional, friendly and kind. My appointments are always on time and set for my convenience. Dr. Ben is a well-trained and knowledgeable dentist. He knows what needs to be done and is firm about my following the recommendations. Dr. Ben has corrected some long overlooked and neglected dental problems. Best dental experience I've had.”

Amy F. – Cambridge

“Dr. Ben is a dental magician-no pain ever, very friendly and caring”

“It is very refreshing to have a dentist, "Dr. Ben", and office that cares sooooo much about my teeth, Great management of yearly maintenance, dealing with current problems, and preventing of future problems (I started saving money right away as I felt problems were fixed instead of needing extra unnecessary treatments). The experience and the lack of pain especially, is worth it.”

“Dr. Ben and his staff will make you feel like you’re not in a Dentist’s office. He has completely allowed me to overcome my fear of going to the dentist, which I thought was never possible. He is extremely gentle and is deeply concerned with giving a pain-free experience. Dr. Ben uses a wide range of modern technology that I haven’t seen at any other Dentist’s office (not even in NYC - Yes, I now commute back after a relocation). He’s ahead of the trends when it comes to dentistry and is very passionate about his work. I have never experienced anything like this with any other dentist. I have actually found my yearly bill totals to be less than my previous two dentists. What more could anyone ask for?‎”


“Best dental experience I have EVER had...

These are the best dentists I have ever had (and I had quite a few before them). They care not only about your teeth, but about the overall experience. The staff is friendly, extremely competent and they go out of their way to make sure every procedure is comfortable for you. Dr. Ben and Dr. Anna are clearly experts in their respective fields and are passionate about good dental care. I have never found their prices anything but reasonable and the quality of care is truly unparalleled. I highly recommend Today's Dental; I won't be switching dentists ever again!‎”


You must experience!

It is very refreshing to have a dentist, Dr. Ben, and office that cares so much about my teeth, Great management of yearly maintenance, dealing with current problems, and preventing of future problems (I started saving money right away as I felt problems were fixed instead of needing extra unnecessary treatments). The experience (lack of pain especially), and the efficiency/perfection/passion of his work have made me never avoid an appointment. Drive 35 minutes and would drive further for the appointment. Would highly recommend experiencing his talent.‎


Dr. Ben is fantastic! He is very caring and more than willing to answer all of your questions. He also makes sure you are completely informed about what needs to be done and why. The office staff is also great, (Natalya, Monike) very friendly and helpful (especially when it comes to billing). On top of all that, you can tell it's a nice office with all the newest technologies. I literally don't have enough good things to say about this practice, I would highly recommend Dr. Ben to anyone looking for a dentist!

Andrew Phillips

Everyone at Today’s Dental does an excellent job of making you feel comfortable, welcome, and at ease. The people that work there are very friendly and nice, making the trip that much more pleasant. I went in for a routine teeth cleaning and it was done quickly and efficiently. I was given helpful tips on how to improve my daily routine and I left with all my questions answered and feeling like I had been given great service. Dr. Ben does a great job and really knows what he's doing. It's definitely worth it to check out Today’s Dental for anyone who is on the fence.

Robert Perkins

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